Weirdnob Shaman


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Weirdnob Shamens are lunatics, deranged Orruks that have become living conduits to the Waaagh! Full of unknown and unpredictable power, they can level whole armies by calling down a giant green foot from the heavens or split huge castle walls with a gesture, but can implode as the power turns in on themselves. Some Orruks find it funny to poke a shaman with a stick to see if they will “go off”, but this can be dangerous as the powerful mage may find it funnier to just turn the Orruk inside out instead.The Weirdnob Shaman is a wizard that can cast the deadly Green Puke and Foot of Gork spells.

Set in a wired, crazed stance as if he has been possessed, this miniature is festooned with details ashe summons the power of the Waaaagh and poisonous smoke billows from his staff.

This clam pack contains one highly detailed multi-part plastic miniature and base. A great character to add to your Orruk collection.

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