Urkin Nimble & Squirrel


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The Urkin are the young street thieves?that formed Feygin’s gang of pickpockets, but they?have been altered – twisted if you will –?by the raw power of The Engine.?Urkin are unpredictable and deadly. They?have limited intellect and are prone to?impulsive acts of violence and seem to?actively enjoy chaos and disorder.

Urkin Slashers?are of low intellect but?can be relied upon to be both vicious and?careless of their own safety.

Urkin Shooters?are brighter than their companions and delight in making ramshackle guns from scrap that can be deadly in the right circumstances.

These 2 urkin are nick-named?‘Nimble’ (Urkin Slasher)?and‘Squirrel’ (Urkin Shooter).

Urkin Nimble is sculpted by Sebastian Archer. Urkin Squirrel is sculpted by Chris Hardham. Both are designed to fit with 32mm scale miniatures.

Miniatures come with?Character?and?Activation?cards for playing Twisted!

Multi-part miniatures, sold unpainted and require assembly.

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