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Stormboyz are those young orks who, tired of being told they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, separate themselves from Ork society and join Stormboy squadrons where they are taught the merits of rank, file, and bodily hygiene. They are viewed as strange, a little crazy, and generally “un-orky”. However, their battlefield use is undeniable by any warboss, flying into battle with ramshackle jetpacks in order to get to the enemy first. This box set contains five mulit-part plastic Ork Stormboyz, including: 10 head variations, five different torso-fronts and five body variations allowing you to assemble a unique looking squad. This set contains a host of accessories and additional parts allowing to further customise your squad, and even includes a Gretchin with his very own rocket pack. Models supplied with 32mm round bases._x000D_


  • Boxed set contains 5 multi-part plastic models
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  • Multiple weapons options
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