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Ork Nobz are bigger, stronger and tougher than your average Ork and often form Elite Mobs, brandishing the best weapons an Ork can buy from ‘Uge Choppas and Power Klaws to Combi-Weapons. This makes them the perfect retinue for an Ork Warboss to cause as much carnage as possible – usually after speeding into battle on the back of a ramshackle Ork Trukk or smoke belching Ork Battle Wagon. This box set contains five multi-part plastic Ork Nobz. This 104-piece set includes: 10 head variations, five different torso-fronts and five body variations allowing you to assemble a unique looking squad. Also included are a range of weapon options including: big choppas, power klaws, shoota/rokkit kombi-weapons, a shoota/skorcha kombi-weapon, sluggas and choppas. Additonally there are a host of extra components to allow you to further customise your squad, including parts to upgrade your Nobz with Cybork bodies and a Grot ammo runt. Models supplied with 32mm round bases._x000D_


  • Boxed set contains 5 multi-part plastic models
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  • Multiple weapons options
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