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Now the original anime mecha roleplaying gameMekton Zeta gets even better! With custom designed weaponry, remote drones, AI controlled mecha, combiners, excessive scale starships, power armour, techno-organic bioweapons, command armour, psionic mecha combat, anti gravity, super deformed mecha, sexy androids and bad Japanenglish, Mekton Zeta Plus has everything you need!

Mekton Zeta Plus also includes a host of new rules to spruce up your Mekton Zeta Games. If youve already blown up Tokyo; defeated the alien invasion and crushed every tank on the planet beneath their giant armoured footplates; Zeta Plus is just what you need. Psychic powers, dogfighting rules, and an animal & monster building system will take your Mekton Zeta characters where theyve never been before.

This is the ultimate giant robot building expansion because you cant have too much of a good thing!

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