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When the Waagh needs rides, the Meks provide! Workshops sprout up and they get to making kustom snazzy rides.

This multipart plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Mekboy Workshop. Constructed from metal beams which the industrious Mekboy has salvaged from the clamour of battle around him, the Workshop features a large workbench covered in the gubbinz of his craft a wall-mounted toolset, an enormous drill, a box of spanners and a vice and a ton of spare parts. A kustom force field generator, bits of steering wheel, buzzsaw blades; it might look like a random assortment, but the Mekboy who owns it knows exactly where each piece he needs is. A reinforced beam is attached to this workspace at a right angle a large engine block is hanging from a length of chain, ready for repair or installation, with a large grabbin klaw which can be modelled facing in any direction you like. Included are 3 barricades and 3 piles of scrap, which can be placed around the Workshop in any way you like, and the whole kit is compatible with the STC Ryza-pattern Ruins set build your own kustom sprawling mess!

  • Box contains 1 multi-part plastic model
  • A right snazzy place to boost your rides

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