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Situated on the shores of the Long Lake, Lake-town is a place of wooden jetties and houses standing upon wooden pillars. It is a place of busy trade, with packed fish markets making up the bulk of its narrow streets. Creaking wooden jetties jab out into the Long Lake itself – these wooden structures were infamously swamped in flame by the great Smaug the Terrible, who met his final fate here at the hands of Bard the Bowman.

This detailed scenery piece allows you to build a Lake-town house. The Lake-town House features a great deal of modularity, meaning multiple kits can be easily converted to create your own Lake-town settlement. The house itself features reversible gable ends, and the kit includes a ton of extras:

– 1 rowing boat with separate oars;
– 2 barrels;
– 2 fish baskets;
– 1 glass float;
– 3 lanterns;
– 1 hanging sign board;
– 1 outhouse, including seat and door;
– 1 loading hook;
– 3 long walkways and 1 short walkway.

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