Codex: Harlequins

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On the battlefield, Harlequins are an elite force of deadly warriors with a grace and finesse that even amazes standard Aeldari soldiers. Harlequins are also noted for their exotic and deadly combat weapons. The most gruesome of these is the Harlequin’s Kiss, which resembles a sharpened tube, tapering to a wicked point, fixed to a warrior’s forearm. The tube is actually filled with monofilament wires. When the Kiss is punched into a victim, the wires uncoil and flail around, slicing the victim apart from the inside.
This is the definitive Codex for all Harlequins collectors.

This highly detailed book contains;

    • Background, history and origins of the Harlequins
    • 9 datasheets
    • Points values for every unit, Weapons and wargear in the Harlequins range
    • 6 Masque Forms
    • 26 Stratagems
    • Warlord Traits
    • Enigmas of the Black Library
    • Phantasmancy Discipline
    • Tactical Objectives

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