Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus

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The Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars are a secretive organisation obsessed with discovering and hoarding ancient and forbidden knowledge in the universe. They devote themselves utterly to the Machine God, augmenting themselves with cybernetics and metal limbs to the point where they no longer appear human at all. This fosters distrust within the rest of the Imperial forces who tolerate the tech priests solely because they are indispensable to the Imperiums’ lumbering warmachine. In battle the Mechanicus troops fight with deadly machine like precision every movement and assault part of an greater master plan. Utilizing powerful technologies far beyond their foes the Tech priests lay waste to the armies of the enemy. This 104 page hardback book contains:_x000D_


  • Lore and History of the Adepts of Mars.
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  • 22 Datasheets containing the rules for each Mechanicus unit.
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  • Strategems, Relics, Warlord traits and objectives unique to
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