Chaos Space Marines Havocs

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Havocs provide the Traitor Legions with devastating anti-infantry and anti-armour firepower, dominating large swathes of the battlefield with volley after punishing volley. Such is the blood-pounding thrill of pouring heavy fire into the enemy ranks that many Havocs become obsessed by the power their weapons afford them. They see themselves as gods of the battlefield, blasting the insect vermin of the enemy into oblivion with each twitch of the finger._x000D_
If it’s heavy fire support you’re after, Havocs offer you everything you need and more, with a variety of murderous weaponry with which to annihilate your enemies ?? be they infantry or heavily armoured targets._x000D_
The set includes 4 multipart plastic Havocs that can be equipped with a heavy weapon chosen from the following options in the kit:_x000D_
– 2 autocannons_x000D_
– 2 heavy bolters_x000D_
– 2 lascannons_x000D_
– 2 missile launchers_x000D_
– 1 reaper chaincannon_x000D_
Also included is a multipart plastic Aspiring Champion that can be equipped with any of the following weapon options in the kit:_x000D_
– 1 plasma gun_x000D_
– 1 meltagun_x000D_
– 1 flamer_x000D_
– 1 power maul_x000D_
– 1 chainsword

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